Yummie Mummies

Friday, August 25, 2006

Bradon has taken to joining me for my morning wash up routine. This has equated to everything from teaching him how to swish with water to rinse the toothpaste out, and spit (he loves that part) and putting on the little headband thing so he can wash his face with keem too, and when we're all done that he wants the tower so he can dry off.

He's also leaping forward on compound words, like goldfish. Sometimes he's crystal clear, other times it's just soooo cute. Add to that the "Little Dictator" thing... he'll insist that I sit in a *certain* chair when we're eating, he'll forcefully demand a piece of cheese for Mummy every time he has one.

Monday, August 21, 2006

What do you do when the single biggest problem with your pre-tween is Utter Silence!?

My eight-year-old is going through a phase that is terribly challenging for me. See, she's *always* been relatively quiet, and mild mannered, but when she was small it seemed like a blessing. I didn't get how difficult it would ultimately be to wring ANY kind of response or opinion out of her.

What's worse, she's spending a great deal of time pouting and looking generally morose. When asked if she's okay, or upset or what exactly, she tends to respond with a barely audible, monotone "yes".

You can't "time out" OR force a response... What's a mama to do?? Encourage? Lecture? Worry?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Something a little heavy...

There is a blogger out there named Dooce. She was the first person ever to get fired form her job because of her blog (hence the term "I've been Dooced"), this isn't her only claim to fame. Through her blog you can read her struggle with post partum depression, which culminated with her checking herself into the Psych Ward of her local hospital when her Daughter was 6 months old! Chris sent me this Link that she wrote for Alpha Mom.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Crafty goodness

Another website for crafting with kidlettes.

You can sign up for their weekly nwesletter that has a theme. This week it's pirates...

I feel a mighty big ARRRR coming on....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I wanted to thank Mel for the links she posted. I just listened to the Creative Mom Podcast (a first for me... I've never listened to *any* podcasts before!) I happened to be working on it, while doing some calligraphy, and felt that beautifully fitting. I found many of the things she had to say really resonated. The voice of another creative mom, talking in detail about those singularly perfect moments, like knitting on an unexpectedly beautiful day, while watching the children play, felt so uplifting to me.

I've spent a lot of time of late, thinking about expectations. Thinking about what I *really* want, and what pressures and expectations I'm loading onto myself unnecessarily (the I should's) and I think I've come to a few rather freeing conclusions ...though I suppose they may sound ridiculously obvious. It seems to me, that the key to being truly happy is in realizing that, for all the challenges, I *do* have what's really important to me. And the list of things I "should" accomplish mustn't come before that. When I'm really allowing myself The Moment, I find it. That peace that comes from watching Bradon discover something new, or enjoying the singular step of my current creative endeavour (rather than stressing about how much Isn't Done Yet) is really where it's at.

This weekend, I went to a girlfriend's place OVERNIGHT. The boys stayed home, and we sat, watching movies, enjoying each other's company, eating chocolate and popcorn, chatting here and there, but mostly, we allowed ourselves to Just Be. No dishes to fuss over, no pile of laundry to tend to, no toys to pick up. We simply relaxed. Again, I know this seems so terribly intuitive, but it seems such a rare grace. I really am learning to cherish it.

I have also revelled in another toddler milestone this week. Bradon has been making more and more forceful demands, so we've begun to talk about Manners and Asking Nicely.

-"fwweezze" he says pointing to the freezer and tugging my arm
-"You'd like a Freezie. Can you ask nicely?"
-"mah." he says with his enormous blue eyes and a grin to match
-"I know you have Good Manners, but what do you SAY?"
-"Pyyyeeez" this time with the scrunched up face of ultimate cuteness

And so it is, that my wee lad, while learning the customs of courtesy has received perhaps more than I would normally grant him through the sheer power of his adorability!

He'll demand that I sit on the couch not my chair, he'll ask for Daddy's dice, cuz they're still more fun than his own set, he'll have mummy's dinner rather than his. He also, quite fascinatingly has a thing for "Dip It". It really matters not to him whether it's catsup or hummus, or ranch dressing, "Dip It" simply makes whatever he's eating more enticing, and he's begun to demand it with greater frequency.

Just the other day, he had before him quarters of a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, and I had reheated some leftover Dal for myself. Well, wouldn't you know it, mummy's food was where it was at... but this time, not in the "forget this sandwich, I want what you've got" way. This time, he asked for "Dip It". And every last morsel of his PB&J was dunked in Spicy Lentil Goodness and devoured!

So, my mission, for the next while, is to focus on the moments –like these– and hold onto the joy in it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Websites of interest

I have a small stable of websites that I often turn to for various reasons that I thought I would share with ya'll. I'll post more as I come across them...




Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby's first dice...

Baby's First Dice

In addition to the two games a week that Daddy runs off to to geek out, and the one we *all* go to on alternate weekends, we've started playing just the two of us in our free time. With all this gaming going on, Mr B had trouble keeping his hands off our dice, so we picked up a set for his very own self! They're larger than ours, and "bwew". (Still not as cool as Abi's plush soccer-ball sized d20, mind you!) He's loving 'em. I'm not sure it's completely headed off the problem, but he's definitely collecting his geek-points real early in the game!