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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

But here's a thought...

Just what is so bad about lots of discussion of parenting principles? Personally, I don't think we discuss it enough in our society. It's not covered in school, and we all live in isolated little houses, cut off from other parents most of the time, not to mention cut off from older generations who could help and pass on wisdom...this all makes for very little opportunity to share and learn and get ideas about positive, loving, effective childrearing. Which is, after all (IMNSHO), the most important task there is.

Not that it isn't important to do lots of other stuff and be a well-rounded person (far from it...I think we've all discovered that if we don't invest in our non-parent selves now and then, our parenting selves suffer tremendously). I just don't think we should feel bad or belittle ourselves for talking a lot about the subject. :)

That said, I'm totally into that Multiple Levels thing.


  • It Takes A Village.

    Thats something that just does't happen anymore. we don't introduce ourselves to neighbours, friends live a driving distance away. you know, i really don't have any close friends in Pickering. I have to drive to Oshawa or Toronto to be with any of my close friends (not to mention the ones over an hour drive away!)

    It Takes A Village.

    We don't look out for each other, or our neighbours. And Parenting is affected by this. Remember when we were kids, by the age of 7 we were allowed to play outside on the quite street, knowing who lived in every house, our parents knowing we were safe and sound.

    Thats what i like about the SCA. We ARE a village. We do look out for each other, answer when someone needs help. We may live far from each other, but we are neighbours.

    Hmm, didn't mention much about Yummie Mummies in there, but you see my point.

    By Blogger marimarimac, at 5:30 PM  

  • Kathleen, you're absolutely right, there's nothing at all wrong with discussing parenting more. We need to. All these decisions that are so important to us, that we deliberate so carefully, are worth a little bandwidth. We spend so much time (often isolated) figuring out what's right for our families. It gets hard sometimes, and having people who "get" it (no matter how different their own complex pattern of choices) is so valuable!

    I, too, have fulfilled my own "need for community" quite a bit since joining the SCA. I've met many fantastic and fascinating people. I've got a few new ways to exercise my creative muscles. There are even some memorable silly outlets. But I confess, my sense of the gap between parent and not seems to be growing.

    I think what I'm craving has to do with the desire for "both". I want to nurture the relationships I *do* have with bright, engaging people who are also parents. It's frustrating to choose between talking about this piece of my life or that piece, depending on which "type" of friend I happen to be near. (Maybe this is my own skewed perception... but for right now, it's there, so I'm going to address it!)

    Enter the Yummie Mummies: vibrant, dynamic women blogging about the gore and glory of parenthood – bridging the distance in our "neighbourhood" by staying connected here!

    By Blogger Beithgrove, at 6:10 AM  

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