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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's amazing how valuable it has become to have friends in my life who are both parents and fascinating in their own right.

I have no interest in being "nothing" but a mother, but it's certainly a state that most of my childless acquaintances have difficulty grokking. I know that I'm not a dull, uninteresting person with little to discuss but parenting principles... but the very fact that I *am* a Mom colours so many aspects of my life.

I can't go out whenever I please. I have to watch the timing for naps and bed and meal time, and make sure the destination is kid friendly (for a toddler and a pre-tween) or set up some sort of sitter. I live in a state of household chaos that is unfathomable (unless you've also got counter-productive sidekick experience.) My time is limited so significantly by exhaustion and "helpers" that certain creative outlets are set aside frighteningly often.

Then there's the moments like JUST NOW:

I just rescued three cars from swimming in the dregs of balsamic vinegar and oil, which then needed a bath with lots of BUBBLES (toddler mission accomplished!)

Or the banana peel he's moved onto dunking in his water cup and is painting my desk with (maybe closed topped sippy cups *are* the wiser move? ...his increasing "I doit like mommie" demands aside.)

I dunno. I guess I just wish there were more really vibrant women in my life that I could relate to on Multiple Levels. Really fantastic, interesting women, who love being mothers but aren't in denial about the challenges either. I need to vent sometimes, but other times I need to revel in how truly amazing this life can be.


  • Oh Honey you didn't get the memo either?!

    Apparently once we have children we cease to be anything that we use to identify with pre-baby and are supposed to become self sacrificing, clean house obsessed crusty pants , stick in the muds who can only hold forth on the pro and cons of cloth over disposable.

    All we ask of the childless friends is a bit of fore though; call me a few weeks a head of time to schedual a baby free outing, don't get pissy because I had to cancel our "date" because junior fell ill and was blowing out of both ends and just plain lear to roll with it. I'm not quite the same person I was before baby but a lot of the fun parts from before are still here...

    By Blogger Craftygrrrl, at 5:35 AM  

  • My house is a mess. My sister's houses are messes. But you know what, i'm happy, and so is my son and husband. I'd rather spend the evening after work taking Ethan to the park, or reading a book with him, or letting him play on his own while i read or do crafty things. My inlaw's house is spotless, and probally always was, even when they had a toddler. But i choose to live the life of piles of clean and dirty dishes, dinner scraps not put away in favour of playtime and my own personal development.

    We are a new age of mothers. First, there was the June Cleavers. Then there was the career woman with a nannie/housekeeper. Now, there i us. Women who enjoy work, enjoy their families and say f*** it to the chores.

    By Blogger marimarimac, at 5:35 PM  

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