Yummie Mummies

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The water's on to boil; I'm hearing it beginning to sound serious, when I feel the cold touch of ceramic on my arm. My wee lad is holding a mug out to me, saying "Coffee" "Mummie, coffee'z red-y!" Now, this alone is a pretty cool moment (and wow does he know the drill!) he then proceeds to walk me to the kitchen, carefully points out the waiting bodum and the boiling kettle. I prepare the brew, and THEN he points to the fridge and says "Mah-k" (which is Bradon-speak for milk), I open what he informs me is the "dor" and he grabs the cream for me (not the milk...smart cookie!)

What a guy! And, oh my, the number of words he's erupted with in the last few days!


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