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Friday, August 25, 2006

Bradon has taken to joining me for my morning wash up routine. This has equated to everything from teaching him how to swish with water to rinse the toothpaste out, and spit (he loves that part) and putting on the little headband thing so he can wash his face with keem too, and when we're all done that he wants the tower so he can dry off.

He's also leaping forward on compound words, like goldfish. Sometimes he's crystal clear, other times it's just soooo cute. Add to that the "Little Dictator" thing... he'll insist that I sit in a *certain* chair when we're eating, he'll forcefully demand a piece of cheese for Mummy every time he has one.


  • Abi has taken to patting the ground/seat/space beside her and saying "bum!" when she wants you to sit beside her and play or whatever she wants to do with you. She has also taken to shouting "tory,tory,tory" as she runs to her bookshelf then returns with a book which she will drop in your lap.

    By Blogger Craftygrrrl, at 10:49 AM  

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