Yummie Mummies

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby's first dice...

Baby's First Dice

In addition to the two games a week that Daddy runs off to to geek out, and the one we *all* go to on alternate weekends, we've started playing just the two of us in our free time. With all this gaming going on, Mr B had trouble keeping his hands off our dice, so we picked up a set for his very own self! They're larger than ours, and "bwew". (Still not as cool as Abi's plush soccer-ball sized d20, mind you!) He's loving 'em. I'm not sure it's completely headed off the problem, but he's definitely collecting his geek-points real early in the game!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The water's on to boil; I'm hearing it beginning to sound serious, when I feel the cold touch of ceramic on my arm. My wee lad is holding a mug out to me, saying "Coffee" "Mummie, coffee'z red-y!" Now, this alone is a pretty cool moment (and wow does he know the drill!) he then proceeds to walk me to the kitchen, carefully points out the waiting bodum and the boiling kettle. I prepare the brew, and THEN he points to the fridge and says "Mah-k" (which is Bradon-speak for milk), I open what he informs me is the "dor" and he grabs the cream for me (not the milk...smart cookie!)

What a guy! And, oh my, the number of words he's erupted with in the last few days!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Abi vrs the Rambutan

After leaving Tanya in the capable hands of Mr. Mo yesterday abi and I trundled off to hunt for fruity treasure on Spadina.

The goal was to locate some mangosteens that a recent read had piqued my interest in. Said item was found along with some steriod blueberries and some Rambutans...really I just love to say that word...

Here is Abi's reaction to her dessert:


And she did try it once she saw me eat some:


She seemes to like it so next week maybe I'll get some jackfruit.

I'm learning the overwhelming value of shared moments.

Call me the Queen of Redundancy if you must, but right now, I am cherishing my friendships more than ever. I want to nurture and care for them, because I need them so much. I realize that going through a week without seeing *someone* who understands me without any pressure to perform is agony.

I adore the friends in my life who are helping to bring out the best in me, even when I feel at my worst. The friends who will take me out of the house for a "short walk" and not mind when I reach critical mass, mid-outing. The friends who will help me toddler wrangle, and change diapers, and go to the splash park (even if I have to sit during the swing part) and walk slower than anything, and *still* love me.

I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

I hope I am giving enough back, but I can't measure how much it means to me!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

But here's a thought...

Just what is so bad about lots of discussion of parenting principles? Personally, I don't think we discuss it enough in our society. It's not covered in school, and we all live in isolated little houses, cut off from other parents most of the time, not to mention cut off from older generations who could help and pass on wisdom...this all makes for very little opportunity to share and learn and get ideas about positive, loving, effective childrearing. Which is, after all (IMNSHO), the most important task there is.

Not that it isn't important to do lots of other stuff and be a well-rounded person (far from it...I think we've all discovered that if we don't invest in our non-parent selves now and then, our parenting selves suffer tremendously). I just don't think we should feel bad or belittle ourselves for talking a lot about the subject. :)

That said, I'm totally into that Multiple Levels thing.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's amazing how valuable it has become to have friends in my life who are both parents and fascinating in their own right.

I have no interest in being "nothing" but a mother, but it's certainly a state that most of my childless acquaintances have difficulty grokking. I know that I'm not a dull, uninteresting person with little to discuss but parenting principles... but the very fact that I *am* a Mom colours so many aspects of my life.

I can't go out whenever I please. I have to watch the timing for naps and bed and meal time, and make sure the destination is kid friendly (for a toddler and a pre-tween) or set up some sort of sitter. I live in a state of household chaos that is unfathomable (unless you've also got counter-productive sidekick experience.) My time is limited so significantly by exhaustion and "helpers" that certain creative outlets are set aside frighteningly often.

Then there's the moments like JUST NOW:

I just rescued three cars from swimming in the dregs of balsamic vinegar and oil, which then needed a bath with lots of BUBBLES (toddler mission accomplished!)

Or the banana peel he's moved onto dunking in his water cup and is painting my desk with (maybe closed topped sippy cups *are* the wiser move? ...his increasing "I doit like mommie" demands aside.)

I dunno. I guess I just wish there were more really vibrant women in my life that I could relate to on Multiple Levels. Really fantastic, interesting women, who love being mothers but aren't in denial about the challenges either. I need to vent sometimes, but other times I need to revel in how truly amazing this life can be.